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Аrduino Alvik
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Alvik is complex technology simplified - a cross-discipline tool that bridges the gap between education and the future world of robotics.

Its small yet mighty design allows learners to bring imaginative ideas into reality, starting from your first ever line of code to the most complex technological developments. Alvik’s pocket-size build makes it an ideal companion for various learning environments, whether that’s in a classroom, lab, home, or even in your garage.

Its high-quality integrated sensors include line-follower array, color, ToF distance sensors, as well as a 6-axis gyroscope and an accelerometer. These sensors allow learners and makers to integrate various STEM disciplines, including physics (accelerometer and gyroscope), mathematics (sensor data analysis), and computer science (programming).

Alvik is powered by the new Arduino Nano ESP32 micro controller, which features the newest MCU ESP32-S3, with the full support of the Arduino ecosystem, allowing users to explore the world of Arduino and MicroPython without any blocker.

High precision encoder motors enable advanced design of projects. Students can work on tasks like autonomous navigation, line following, and obstacle avoidance, challenging them to develop different solutions and problem-solving skills. This can also help students to learn math and geometry.

Alvik’s rechargeable and easy-to-replace battery ensures continuous learning sessions and uninterrupted creation experience. Replaceable batteries can also extend the overall lifespan of the robot, reducing the need to replace the entire unit when the original batteries degrade over time and saving costs.

Alvik will support an array of programming languages, from block-based programming for beginners to MicroPython and Arduino C for advanced learners (note that at launch, Alvik will support MicroPython only, with block-based programming and Arduino C coming very soon).

But it doesn’t stop there. Alvik also features connectors for LEGO Technic® and M3 screws, adding external sensors to the Grove and QWIIC plug-and-play connectors without the need for soldering. It's also compatible with 3D printing and laser cutting designs. The possibilities for expanding your robot are limitless as you can adapt the robot to suit specific project requirements. Students must address design challenges, troubleshoot construction issues, and adapt their creations, fostering problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Bring your ideas to life with MicroPython
MicroPython on Arduino Alvik seamlessly merges simplicity with innovation. From just a single line of code, you can have engaging interactions with Alvik, extending effortlessly to more complex real-life projects.

The ease of use and flexibility of MicroPython on Alvik empowers students to translate their creative ideas into tangible outcomes, enhancing their learning experience.
The intuitive interface, coupled with comprehensive curriculum content, makes coding an immersive and fun experience.

Key benefits include:

  • Teach programming effectively with options suitable for different learning stages that enable students to explore programming progressively.
  • Enable interdisciplinary learning by integrating STEM disciplines including physics, mathematics, programming, and computer science.
  • Outperform in robotics competitions with Alvik’s advanced capabilities like precise motor control and versatile programming options that demonstrate students’ agility, intelligence, and strategic decision-making.
Alvik content
Alvik comes with 19 project-based learning lessons and activities which encourage students and innovators to explore technology through hands-on collaboration, preparing them for real-world challenges.
The content includes getting started, hardware, software, and real-life use activities. These activities are designed to prepare learners for real-world challenges, building critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

Need help?
Check the Arduino Forum for questions about the Arduino Language, or how to make your own Projects with Arduino. You can also find out more about Arduino Cloud for Schools here. If you need any help with your product, please get in touch with the official Arduino User Support as explained in our Contact Us page.


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322.00 лв.